Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting encouraged by rejection

I got my rejection from Clarion West today. And I find it encouraging--in both the language they used and in the fact that the process of applying helped me take a big step forward in getting my work out there. I've had measurable growth as a writer in these last six months or so. I'm on the right track. My confidence in my abilities is solid. I am really excited by what I'm working on and what I hope to achieve.

I would have loved to go to Clarion West and workshop with other serious writers. But since space was limited, I really appreciate that they said "no" in such a positive manner. It reaffirms that they would be really cool to work with.

I'm still improving on my own though: that means that next year my application will be even better. I know I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll be able to imagine and create. FutureMe is even more awesome as a writer. Professional. Dedicated. Daring. Ready to learn and experiment as much as possible so she can keep growing. I totally believe in that woman--she rocks.

So I can find gratitude, even in rejection.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workshop Wednesday

I had a wonderful day today workshopping some writing with my writer's group. It was lovely to see them again and we had a special birthday lunch to celebrate L.'s birthday two days ago. And we workshopped three pieces and then I laid out my plot for my novel and received some great feedback. It was something of a revelation to just talk plot and structure with other writers. It seems like in all my college career and in all the previous writing groups I've been to--there's not enough open dialogue about how to tell a story. Especially on the scope of a novel.

It was such an inspiring and energizing meeting that later when I got home and found an email rejection from Clarion San Diego, it was far easier to shrug it off. Oh well, I have novel plot decisions to make and revisions to write. No time to mope really.

I love the work I submitted to Clarion. It was my best work. I stand behind that. I want to do more of that quality work. And sure being admitted to Clarion would have helped improve my writing, but I'll figure it out on my own too. And maybe the independent path is the more rewarding one.

Eh. 10 days until I hear back from Clarion West. If they don't accept me either, I'm going to have to plan some seriously awesome stuff to do during those 6 weeks. Like a Yosemite trip for rock climbing and writing. And Worldcon. And my own serious burn on producing the first complete draft of my MS. I'm excited by all those prospects.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is rivoting.