Sunday, February 5, 2012

I have been working like crazy lately on short fiction, preparing my application to the Clarion Workshop. But I've been meaning to gather awe-inspiring poets for more than a month. So creating this was a worthy distraction. Who are your favorite poets?

Really Good Poets:
Andrea Gibson: Probably my favorite poet (as much as I have one). Here's some crazy wonderful love poetry that makes me love her:
An awesome political poem:
Real optimism:
Who wouldn't fall in love with her?

Sarah Kay: She gave an excellent TED talk about poetry then performed two great poems:
Cute and Clever: Awesome poem about friendship:

Saul Williams (I don't always get his poems but this one is brilliant):

Talor Mali-- this is a classic poem:

tanya davis: she writes true.

Buddy Wakefield: original and powerful:

Gary Soto. Just one of my favorite poems ever.

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